Buggies Unlimited Holiday 2016 page 48 Lift Kit and Hauling Items

48 Wed appreciate your feedback! Please click here to take a quick survey. Lift Kit & Hauling Items /'/'/ Bringing the BEST Attention Club Car Owners: CHECK YOUR WHEEL BEARING COVERS! Club Car owners, please check your wheel bearing covers before ordering any of the lift kits. If your golf cart has black plastic wheel bearing covers, you will need to purchase a hub kit (SUS CC0 LKT) along with these Lift Kits. Also, for 1982-1992 Club Cars, you will need to drill 7 / 16 oversize holes in the upper and lower brackets of the spindle. In addition, remember that when you use a lift kit, you must also have an offset tire & wheel assembly! NOTE: Does NOT apply to ANY model of Jake's lift kits. Jake's use all stock hubs. Buggies Unlimited , understands the need for an economical solution in Lift Kits. Our approach to Bolt-on Block Kits has proven to be a top choice amongst consumers who want to add a moderate lift to their golf cart. Whether you are adding these durable lifts for bigger Tires and Wheels or simply for hitting the open trails, these kits are designed to keep you lifted without breaking the bank. They say good things often come in small packages, but don't let our no frills approach fool you, we've spared no expense when it comes to quality or ingenuity. Our lift kits prove the rule that Buggies Unlimited truly is the only place, WHERE THE CART IS JUST THE START!

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