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6 Wed appreciate your feedback! Please click here to take a quick survey. NEW Items ear Tree On the second day of Christmas true love sent to me: Two Turtle Doves and a Partridge in a Pear Tree On the third d e D ee On the fifth day of Christmas my true love sent to m On the second day of Christmas An Innova Audio Box with Bluetooth NEW! Innova Audio Box A new name in sound, the Innova line of Audio products provides you with clear crisp beats, perfect for cruising the neighborhood or a day on the trail. Better still, the Innova Audio Box's compact design utilizes space that often goes overlooked, the void between the seats! This clever design frees up dash and overhead console areas for other golf cart accessories, like a 5-panel mirror or extra storage space. Audio Box includes built-in Bluetooth Mini-Amp 5 inch Marine Grade Coaxial Speakers Includes integrated power outlet and dual-USB ports Allows adjustments for bass, treble and volume Item #: 13-002 Innova Speaker Kit only $ 229.99 Don't forget to add a VOLTAGE REDUCER to ensure you don't overwork your batteries, click here to shop. NEW! Converter & Switch Banks Connects across your entire 36V or 48V battery pack to supply clean 12V power to all of your accessories. Complement your Converter with single or triple Reliance Switch Banks. Converter rated to handle up to 30A load Converter features powder coated aluminum housing Reliances Heavy-duty Rocker Switches available as single or triple banks Switches feature modular design for easy add ability FULL ITEM LIST of Innova Audio Accessories: Item #: 13-030 DC Converter only $ 104.99 Item #: 02-016 Triple Switch Bank only $ 14.99 Item #: 02-036 Single Switch Bank only $ 5.99

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